The Grade of a Railroad Watch has

a lot to do with its Value

mint railroad watchIn order to place a value on a railroad watch with relation to condition, collectors and dealers classify them according to "grades". Below is the generally accepted grading guidelines used in the railroad watch field.

G - 10 Pristine Mint
An absolutely factory new railroad watch; unused in original box, wax paper still intact and with all tags and papers. Any railroad watch in this condition commands a significant premium.

G -9 Mint Plus
Exceptional condition, perfect, still in factory box. No evidence of any use.

G -8 Mint
Railroad watch may have been used very briefly then stored away. May still be in factory box. Entire watch is original in every way - crystal, hands, dial, case, and movement. NO faint scratches or trace of screwdriver marks.

G - 7 Near Mint
Excellent condition. May or may not be in original box. Completely original in every way. Faint marks may be seen with a jeweler's loupe only. Any repairs, cleaning or oiling are expertly done.

G - 6 Extra Fine
May or may not be in factory box. Watch appears to have been used very little. Still has original case, hands, dial and movement. Any repairs done with all original factory replacement parts. May have faint scratches, but they are hard to detect with the unaided eye. No dents or dings in the case. Dial has no detectable hairlines.

G - 5 Fine
Original case, dial and movement. Watch may have new hands and new crystal. Dial may have faint hairlines but no chips. No large scratches on the case. Shows little wear, with no brass seen on case. Movement is sharp with only minor scratches and slight staining if any.

G - 4 Average - Good
Original case, dial and movement. May have had some movement parts replaced, but with near to original parts. Gold filled cases have no brass showing. No rust or chips on the dial. May have hairlines in the dial but they are hard to detect. May have some light wear marks and scratches but they are hard to see without the aid of a loupe.

G - 3 Fair
The condition of the case, dial and movement well used. May or may not have original dial or case. May have light hairlines or small chips in the dial. Light brass can be seen through worn spots on the case. Some light rust detectable in the movement. Small dents may be present.

G - 2 Poor
rusty railroad watchPoor condition. Watch is not working. Needs a new dial. Case is well worn, with or without dents. Hands may be gone or heavily rusted. Crystal may need replacing. Extensive repairs and cleaning required.

G - 1 Scrap
No value as a collectible railroad watch. Good for parts only, and/or scrap value of metal. Movement not working. Dial in bad condition. Movement Rusty. Heavily worn with much brass showing. May not have case. No crystal or hands, or they are in very bad condition.

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